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Here it is folks! Episode ONE of our Brand New Series GEAR REVIEW SERIES! I am not sponsored by any clothing company so you are going to get the REAL, HONEST, and STRAIGHTFORWARD IKE REVIEW on EVERYTHING THAT I WEAR! This week’s episode will be focused on FISHING PANTS! Our clothing on the water during inclement weather needs to be flawless, dry, warm, yet breathable and should but up with some abuse! Learn how to select the right fishing pants for your needs and budget. Check out my review and Be sure to subscribe!

1. LL Bean Technical Fishing Pant (WINNER*)
PROS: lightweight, UPF 50, water repellent, nylon belt loops, zippered front tool pocket and back pockets, all pockets are vented, and mid-priced ($74.99)
CONS: non-reinforced knees, no tags came on these from manufacturer
BOTTOM LINE: This is my all-around favorite with lots of features, a nice fit and feel, and at a great mid-price point!

2. Simms Fast Action Pant
PROS: great (not–baggy) fit, stretchy forgiving material, reinforced at the rear bottom of the pant leg, UPF 50, water repellent.
CONS: a bit pricy ($99.95), non-vented pockets, no closure on the cell phone pocket, and the zipper didn’t zip all the way up.
BOTTOM LINE: These def fit my body style the best, and felt the best on, but the price point and lack of some key features kept this one from winning.

3. North Face Horizon Convertible Pant
PROS: GREAT price ($65.00), zippered pant leg bottoms (allow pants to be put on with shoes or boots), convertible (pants or shorts), drawstring tie, vented front pockets, UPF 50, and water repellent.
CONS: a baggier loose fit, back pockets are not vented, not sure these are still available (showing out of stock on-site).
BOTTOM LINE: These were the best value for the buck considering the low price point and convertible pant legs (pants or shorts).

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