Going Ike Season 2 on Pursuit Channel

Professional bass tournament champion and avid angler Mike "Ike" Iaconelli is back for season 2 of his wildly successful "Going Ike" outdoor adventure/fishing show. This season, you will be able to watch all the full-length television shows, with guests like Cliff Crochet and James Watson, on the Pursuit Channel (How to watch Pursuit Channel). New episodes will begin airing March 28th. Want a taste of season 2? We're releasing preview clips each week leading up...Continue Reading 'Going Ike Season 2 on Pursuit Channel'

2017-02-24 12:43:55

The Ike Foundation 2017 Events

The Ike Foundation started 2017 with our first benefit beef and beer event, which sold out weeks in advance. 100% of the proceeds from that event when into a scholarship fund, which will be awarded to 5 graduating high school seniors. If you are a current high school senior who has been accepted into a 2-year of 4-year college or university, you can submit your 2017 Ike Foundation scholarship application anytime before April 1st,...Continue Reading 'The Ike Foundation 2017 Events'

2017-02-03 15:57:48