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Colors for Cold Muddy Water

Mike Iaconelli Is there anything more challenging than cold muddy water? I don’t think so, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch a few. You just have to approach things a little differently. When it’s cold and muddy the fish have to use their senses, just like when the water’s clear — - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Modify Your Soft Jerkbait for More Bites

Mike Iaconelli I know it’s the middle of December and that means winter in much of the country. Nevertheless, the bass might not know that. They might be in their fall feeding patterns, especially where it stays relatively warm through the winter. And, if they are, one of the best ways to catch them - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Hard Cover vs. Soft Cover

Mike Iaconelli This is really a continuation of my thoughts about fishing the moment. It’s about where the fish are on any given day or any given hour, and how to find them. In most waters that we fish, there’s hard cover and soft cover. Hard cover is stuff like docks, laydowns, rock, and concrete. - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

How To Fish The Moment

Mike Iaconelli In the fall there’s one issue with bass fishing — baitfish. The thing is, though, not every day on the water is the same. Just because it’s fall and you think you know what’s going to happen doesn’t mean you don’t have to fish the moment or that you can predict what the fish - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

The Best Fall Lure!

Mike Iaconelli The fall season is here. The nights are getting cold, the water temperature is dropping and the water is getting clearer. That all adds up to mean that bait is what bass fishing is all about. With that in mind let’s talk about the best fall bass lure. And yes, there is only one. It’s - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Bass Cat Boats
Berkley Gilly Sunfish Swimbait

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