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Top Secret! The Eel Rig

Mike Iaconelli OK, this is a great rig for when the bite is a little slow and they’re short striking your lure. Basically it’s a cross or a hybrid between a Neko rig and a chicken rig. That sounds crazy, I know. But as you read on and figure out what I’m doing it’ll all make sense to you.  Here’s - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

The Best 6 Baits Every Serious Bass Angler Should Own

Mike Iaconelli There must be a thousand fishing lures on the market. Choosing only six of them for this blog was no easy task. But sometimes we need to downsize so I did just that. I’ve listed the baits below in no particular order. The first three are power fishing lures. The last three are more - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

The Chicken Rig

Mike Iaconelli The chicken rig is basically a weedless version of the Neko rig. It’ll let you fish this deadly bait setup in almost any type of cover no matter how thick or nasty. The parts I use to build it are simple and straightforward. I start with a VMC Finesse Neko Hook.  I like the No. - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Tight line ‘em

Mike Iaconelli This time we’re going to talk a little about tight lining an aspirin head jig. It’s a great way to use your electronics in cold weather to catch huge numbers of bass. Here’s how I do it: Cold water bass tend to suspend, and there’s no tougher bite than that. So what I do is - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

The Bait Chaser Rig

Mike Iaconelli I’ve got this new rig that’s absolutely going to put more bass in my livewell next year, and it’ll do the same for you. It’s the bait chaser rig. This thing is so simple of an idea and so simple to put together that I can’t believe I wasn’t using it years ago. It makes me - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

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