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A Super Short Delay Is a Good Thing, Part 1

Recently I received a really good report from a friend who’s a serious recreational angler about one of my rods — the 6 foot, 4 inch, medium power, moderate action Ike Delay Series made by Abu Garcia. I thought I’d share some of his experiences with you and give you my perspective on why - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Stay on Top of Things When the Water Gets Hard

In the last couple of blogs we talked about winter bass lures. That’s great, up to a point. But, somewhere along the line it just gets too cold to fish and at some point the lakes freeze over in much of the country. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop getting better at your craft. - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

My Second Favorite Winter Bass Bait

Mike Iaconelli Last time we talked about jerkbaits, my favorite bait in the winter.  This time I want to talk about my second favorite, the Rapala Rippin Rap Lipless Crankbait.  But you should know this: Just because it’s my second favorite doesn’t mean I don’t use it all the time.  - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Winter Bassin’ with Hard Jerkbaits

Mike Iaconelli Becky and I got back from vacation last Saturday and I decided to fish a Winter League tournament up here on Sunday. The air temperature was really cold and the water was in the low 40s. The bite was tough. Nevertheless, we won with four bites that put four bass in the livewell. They - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Austin, Texas: Blue Cats, Guadalupe Bass and Smallmouth Buffalo

Mike Iaconelli Austin, Texas, is one of the truly neat places we visited doing the show. There’s no doubt that the fishing there is fantastic but the city itself is equally fantastic. The music is really cool, the art scene is one of the best I’ve ever been around and if you don’t gain weight - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

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