About My World with Mike Iaconelli

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train like an NFL Super Bowl Champion or drive at crazy high speeds in a NASCAR race? Mike Iaconelli is going to take you along for the ride as he steps into those worlds and then swaps places with athletes and celebrities and brings them into his world as a professional bass fisherman. This new six-part series MY WORLD WITH MIKE IACONELLI, premieres Monday, August 30th at 9/8c on CBS Sports Network.

My World with Mike Iaconelli CBS Sports Schedule

Guest Premiere Date
Lane Johnson, 2018 NFL Football Super Bowl Champion Monday, August 30th at 9PM ET
Martin Truex, NASCAR Driver Monday, September 6th at 9PM ET
Kyle Troup, Pro Bowler Monday, September 13th at 8:30PM ET
Keyshawn Whitehorse, Pro Bull Rider Monday, September 20th at 8:30PM ET
Jim Miller, UFC Fighter Monday, September 27th at 8:30PM ET
Marina Alex, LPGA Tour Professional Monday, October 4th at 8:30PM ET
Featured Videos

My World, with Kyle Troup

Mike Iaconelli Last Monday My World aired with the show where I went fishing and bowling with PBA Players Championship winner, Kyle Troup. That title earned him prestige in his sport and $250,000. Bowling has come a ways since I bowled as a teenager drinking cheap, warm beer and eating cold pizza. I’ll - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

My World with Mike Iaconelli: The Martin Truex Jr. show

OK, here’s the deal: I’m filming My World with Mike Iaconelli. My guest is Martin Truex Jr. We’re going to drive some fast cars and then try to catch a couple of big bass. Martin is the real deal. I’ve known him for some time. We’re friends. In the first part of the show he spends some - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Ike's Big Kayak Win

Mike Iaconelli This is unbelievable. I am seriously jacked up. Winning a kayak event at the professional level has been on my bucket list for the past three years. I just finished hugging my trophy from the 2021 B.A.S.S. Nation Kayak Series powered by Tourney X at Upper Chesapeake Bay for the bazillionth - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

The VMC Ned Rig Jig

Mike Iaconelli What we did here is take a good concept and make it better. There’s no question that the Ned rig has taken the bass fishing community by storm. Everyone has a few, and for good reason. They’re easy to fish, you don’t need specialized tackle to fish them, and they catch fish! So - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

The Rapala DT8

Mike Iaconelli Finally, after 10 years I got what I wanted in the Rapala DT series of crankbaits. I’m talking about an 8 size. We’ve had a 4, 6, 10, 14, 16  and a 20. Now, the lineup is complete! For those of you who don’t know, the number designation of the baits tells you roughly how deep - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Flambeau Tackle Storage
VMC Bladed Treble Hook

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