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17th Straight Bassmaster Classic - Ike Live #68-1
Line Cutterz CEO Vance Zahorski - Ike Live #68-2
2018 Southern Open Angler David Cosner - Ike Live #68-3

Fall Bassin’ Calls for a Plastic Minnow-like Jerkbait

Mike Iaconelli I fish a plastic minnow-like jerkbait under almost any conditions from now until the water gets real cold, and even then one will get you a few bites. The only time I don’t fish one is when the water’s real cloudy or muddy. They don’t work very well for me under those conditions. Basically, - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Pick the Right Treble Hook

Mike Iaconelli I’m asked a lot about how to pick the right style of treble hook. The answer is pretty easy, really. VMC Inline 1X Treble Hook There are three basic styles of treble hooks. There’s the traditional round bend where the hook point is away from the shaft. That’s the first - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Another Look at Blade Baits

Mike Iaconelli & Blade Bait We’ve talked about blade baits in the past but I think we should take another look at them, especially now that we’re heading into fall. A lot of guys fish blade baits only one way. They throw them out, let them sink to the bottom, rip ‘em up as hard as they - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post