Molix signs Mike Iaconelli to exclusive spinnerbaits, blade baits, and spoons sponsorship

January 27, 2010 Molinella, Italy - - Molix, an emerging manufacturer of fishing tackle, has announced that Mike Iaconelli will be exclusively using Molix brand spinnerbaits, metal blade baits, and spoons in 2010.

Iaconelli is a winner of the 2003 Bassmasters Classic, Bassmasters 2006 Angler of the Year, host of "City Limits Fishing" on Versus television and author of Fishing on the Edge.

"This new deal is a real challenge for us here at Molix" says Stefano Sammarchi, general manager of Molix. "I first met Mike in 1999 during the B.A.S.S. Federation Tournament on Red River and we still remain good friends since then. He shares with us the same strong values based on respect for the environment, dedication and passion for fishing. Furthermore his slogan "Never Give Up" represents exactly the spirit of all Molix's staff so we immediately found a strong feeling with him" he remarked.

As spokesperson for Molix, Iaconelli will be appearing in brand advertising and on the company's website, as well as using Molix brand spinnerbaits, blade baits, and spoons during all of his professional competitions. He will also actively work with Molix in the development of new products.

"Spinnerbaits, blade baits, and spoons have always been a critical part of my tournament fishing arsenal." Iaconelli said. "Since back in my early club days, I've always had a hard time finding the perfect spinnerbait for all situations. With Molix, I finally have a line of metal and wire baits with all of the attributes I need to catch fish consistently."

Iaconelli has been fishing his entire life and was introduced to competitive bass fishing upon graduating high school. In 1994, he won the 1994 B.A.S.S. Top 100 as an amateur and while still in college. Among his many championships and tournament titles, Iaconelli was the 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion, 2006 Bass Angler of the Year and last year took second place in both the Bassmaster Classic and FLW Championship. The author of Fishing on the Edge (Random House, 2006), he is also the star and host of "City Limits Fishing" on Versus television.
Molix was originally founded in 2006 by Stefano Sammarchi, Marco Beccati and Andrea Caliceti but lately they extended the company to new partners as Paolo Vannini and Elio Canuti. "We at Molix are a real teamwork since we believe that we can't do improve without a team of valuable partners inside the company. We're so excited and motivated since Mike joined the team and it was really hard to keep the secret about that great deal until today. Mike will be a real value especially developing new exciting products. Innovation, technology and design will be the basis of our future project. Mike's ideas and talent will be priceless to reach our company goals." Said Paolo Vannini, Molix International Sales Manager.

The Molix name and tag line "" was inspired by some basic concepts that the company keeps among its global mission and vision. Basically "think" the ideas that come from the mind of people that enjoy fishing with strong passions, "feel" the creation of products that induce strong emotions, "fish" to invlove all the people that dream a better and exciting life. The company is also proud to remark that their products are 100% designed and developed in Italy, in perfect harmony with the typical tradition of this country.

Since the introduction of its first products, Molix has been a leader in technology of fishing tackle in Europe. Now, along with US pros Mike Iaconelli and Randy Howell, Molix is ready to introduce to the United States, the same technology, innovation, and high quality detail that has made Molix a household name in other countries. "I'm so happy and excited to be a part of bringing the Molix name to the United States!" Ike said.

Molix manufactures a wide range of award-winning fishing tackle, including the Venator, T Slash and Water Slash spinnerbaits. Molix baits are sold worldwide. To find a dealer in your area or to learn more about Molix or Mike Iaconelli, visit the Molix Fishing [] or BASS Angler Mike Iaconelli's websites.

2010-02-17 13:37:27
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