Ike Auctions Off His Lucky Beard on Ebay For Autism Charity

As promised, Mike Iaconelli has cut off his famous chin hair to be auctioned off to help with a great cause. Iaconelli has teamed up with Eli Delany to help raise money and awareness for Autism. Mike and Eli have previously worked together on Autism Awareness with the "Fishin'With A Mission" decal campaign.

Eli is deeply grateful that Mike has once again, come to aid his efforts in helping kids with Autism and their families. Eli says, "It never ceases to amaze me how he can fish at the highest level of our sport, while giving so much of his time to kids and their causes. "All proceeds for the auction will go to the New England Center for Children, which is a school for autism in Southborough, Massachusetts. The school is an award winning private, nonprofit education center dedicated to bringing out human potential and creating productive lives for autistic children.

Eli and Mike felt the auction could, also, serve to further the "Fishin' with a Mission" decal program. The "Fishin' with a Mission" decal program was started in 2009 to create Autism Awareness in the fishing community throughout the United States. Fishing pros or anyone interested in helping out with the program can go to www.mylittlebuddysboat.com. There they will find links and information about Autism, as well as, how to get the decals.

"More than anything, it's important to bring awareness to Autism" Ike said. Autism is the fastest growing disability in the United States. A child is diagnosed with Autism every 21 minutes and it now affects 1 in every 91 children in the US.

The beard has been placed in a small display case and includes Mike's signature and an official document of authenticity. For more information go to www.mikeiaconelli.com or www.mylittlebuddysboat.com. Or go to E-Bay auctions and type in key words "Ike's Beard". Auction begins Thanksgiving day @ 9PM

2009-11-24 11:27:12
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