2006 Bassmaster Angler-of-the-Year Mike Iaconelli

Hanging on to 48th to make the day 2 cut, Iaconelli clinched the 2006 Bassmaster Angler-of-the-Year title on day 3 with a 41st place finish at Table Rock. Ike came into the event with a 45 point lead over Steve Kennedy, 2006 Toyota Rookie of the Year.

Iaconelli had stated after winning the 2003 Bassmaster Classic title, that his other primary goal was an Angler-of-the-Year title. After close finishes in 2004 and 2005, Ike achieved that goal in 2006, to become one of the elite few to have achieved both major Bassmaster accomplishments.

The photo to the left was taken by James Overstreet for BASS

2006-09-16 21:22:07
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