Iaconelli Makes Cut at Bassmaster Elite Series Event on Clark's Hill

Mike Iaconelli made another cut to fish Saturday at Clark's Hill. Iaconelli has made the cut to 50 in every elite series event this season. After winning at Guntersville, Ike has some ground to make up from 27th to make the cut to 12 after the weigh-in Saturday. Ike is slightly over 4lbs. behind 12th place Jared Lintner, and trails leader Davy Hite by over 15lbs.

Making the cut also puts Iaconelli in position to improve his standing in the Angler of the Year race. Trailing only Dean Rojas (who missed his first cut this season, finishing 67th), and Greg Hackney (currently in 43rd), Ike could take the points lead after the 5th event in the 2006 Bassmaster Elite Series.

View the Day 3 Weigh-in at 5-6-6 @ 3PM ET

2006-05-05 23:26:27
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