Iaconelli Hangs on to 5th in BASS Angler of the Year Race

In a tournament where Preston Clark broke the 4-day 5 bass/day record with 115lbs 15oz., and six anglers finished with over 100 lbs., it took over 39lbs. just to make the day 2 cut to 50 anglers.

Iaconelli made the cut safely at 19th with 48lbs. 4 oz., with any impressive 27lb. 14oz. catch on day 2. Ike finished days 3 only 6 places out of the 12 angler cut, in a 3rd consecutive top 20 finish.

Iaconelli currently has 732 points, 238 of which were gained at Santee Cooper. He is trailing leader Greg Hackney by 135. Hackney finished 11th, earning him 257 points.

The photo to the left was taken by James Overstreet for BASS

2006-04-03 14:17:18
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