Ike Wins $200,000 FLW Chevy Open on the Potomac

Ike started slowly this year in the FLW, he was unable to make the top 100 in the first three events. Throughout the year he progressively improved, from 190 at Okeechobee, to 180 at Toho, to 141 at the Ouachita, to 55 at Beaver Lake, up to 45 at Wheeler. Ike put a cap on his FLW season with a win on the Potomac with 34lbs. 14oz. for days 3 & 4 and a check for $200,000 Photo by Jeff Schroeder for FLW Outdoors. This was not only Mike's first win in the FLW, but also his first top ten. Also, despite finishing in the top 10 (including a 2nd and 3rd place finish) in every Elite 50 this season, this also marked Iaconelli's first win since his 2003 Bassmaster Classic vistory.

Ike lead the last two days anchored by his first day 21lb. bag at the FLW Chevy Open, sponsored by Kellogg's. Ike had the biggest catch on day 3 with 21lbs., and the 3rd largest catch on day 4 with 13lbs. 14oz. behind Greg Hackney and Jerry Williams respectively.

2005-06-25 22:42:12
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