Ike Leads Day 2 of Bassmaster Elite 50 on Wissota

Ike produced 1 of only 2 limits on day 2 of the Bassmaster Elite 50 on Wissota. No other angler caught more than 7 bass in the first two days, meanwhile, 5 fish limits on both days. As a result, Ike leads the very unique top 12 that will fish the 6-hole course on Friday, by over 5 lbs. 3 top 12 anglers zeroed on 1 day of the tournament thus far, including #6 Kevin VanDam, #11 Mike Wurm, and #12 Zell Roland.

Weights are reset on day three, but Ike's performance will be rewarded with the first choice of holes on day 3. Along with Ike, will be a host of former Classic champions, and Angler-of-the-Years, including, Jay Yelas, Takahiro Omori, Gerald Swindle, Rick Clunn, Kevin VanDam, Mark Davis, and Davy Hite.

Photo by bassmaster.com

2005-06-16 23:33:25
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