Ike Bags the Only Limit on Day 1 of Bassmaster Elite 50 on Wissota

At the Bassmaster Elite 50 on Wissota, as Larry Nixon predicted, many anglers came in with no fish. 12 anglers to be exact, and another 21 with only 1 fish. Only 3 anglers caught 4 fish, and with the day 1 lead, Mike Iaconelli was the only angler to bring in 5 fish weighing 9lbs. 12oz.

Mike has a narrow 8oz. lead over Bassmaster Elite 50 points leader Kevin Van Dam, who caught 4 fish on Wednesday. The day 1 lead puts Ike in a strong position to make the Thursday cut, and perhaps go on to win the tournament and Elite 50 Championship.

View the Thursday June 16th weigh-in at 8pm ET at the ESPN Real-Time Leader Board

Photo by bassmaster.com

2005-06-16 11:26:48
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