Iaconelli Targeting Largemouth on Champlain

After the first tournament day at Lake Champlain. In Mike's last Bassmaster article, We’ll see how it shakes out tomorrow, he stated, "I’d love to tell you what I’m doing and why I’m doing it but I can’t, at least not until after the tournament is over. I’m sure you understand that." It seems like, maybe at least a piece of that is that Mike is targeting largemouth.

Iaconelli, who is in 2nd place, only ounces behind leader Scott Siller, said, "I am concentrating on largemouth, but I am catching a few smallmouth mixed in, I went out of my way in practice this week to strictly fish for largemouth." The Day 1 Recap Bassmaster Open Article states that smallmouth have a tendency to roam this time of year, and largemouth are a more reliable pattern.

Iaconelli finished day 2 in 4th place with 36lbs. 15oz. Elaborating on why he decided to target largemouth, Ike said, "During summer tournament season ideal smallmouth conditions are not cloudy, windy and rainy conditions." Because Iaconelli believes that smallmouth are more visual feeders, clear and calm conditions are more favorable for summer smallmouth fishing. Additionally, even after finding the smallmouth, they are subject to move mid-tournament as they follow the baitfish. "That’s a big reason you hear guys lament how they caught them yesterday but not today". Read the entire Smallmouth or largemouth? Michael Iaonelli’s tips on when it’s best to target which, or both article on Bassmaster.

Iaconelli finished the event in 3rd place with 53lbs. 8oz.

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2014-08-01 10:26:13
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