A Boat Crash that Could Have Been a Lot Worse

After Mike Iaconelli’s recent crash on the Sabine River, TX, everyone was thankful both he and his marshal were unharmed. The end result was a two ton bass boat parked on the bank of the Sabine River on and amongst a variety of mature and maturing trees. This occurred when the boat struck a submerged log at 40 mph launched the boat onto the bank.

In January of this year Iaconelli’s 2013 Basscat Puma FTD was painted with HullSpeed F-Series, one of several performance marine coatings offered by HullSpeed. The paint is designed to reduce drag, improve speed, fuel economy, maneuverability and hull durability.

HullSpeed Performance Marine Coatings have been called tenacious, rugged,
hard, slick, fast, and more, but up until now, they have never been tested so
violently. The results were outstanding.

Upon examination of the boat, there was no visible damage to the HullSpeed coating. The ruggedness and drag reduction properties of the paint undoubtedly helped protect the hull and allowed it to deflect off the log with less resistance which also allowed the boat to be pulled off the bank with greater ease getting Ike back to the tournament faster.

For more information on HullSpeed coatings and how they can help protect your boat and improve performance visit www.HullSpeed.us. You can also like us on Facebook at HullSpeed Performance Marine Coatings and follow us on twitter at HullSpeed.us@hullspeedUSA.

2013-04-17 15:40:03
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