Iaconenelli Finesse Fishing DVD Review by Brad Wiegmann

Outdoor writer, photographer and professional fishing guide Brad Wiegmann offers a independent review of Advanced Finesse Bass Strategies with Mike Iaconelli DVD.

Wiegmann writes, "Advanced Finesse Bass Strategies with Mike Iaconelli DVD should have the following warning label on the front cover. WARNING: Watching this DVD over and over again can cause an angler to get addicted to finesse fishing! What separates this fishing DVD from others is the intensity that the professional bass angler Mike Iaconelli has as he explains the different techniques and strategies to finesse fishing. What sets the top elite anglers like Iaconelli from the weekend warrior is the knowledge of when to fish what lure and where. It comes from fishing day after day in all conditions and situations. They don’t go home early on days when the bass aren’t biting. They adjust and go to their finesse lures and gear."

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2011-11-17 10:26:20
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