Final Weigh-In Tie with Keith Combs at Toyota Texas Bass Classic

Mike Iaconelli and Keith Combs both outweighed the rest of the field by more than 25 pounds, only to end in a tie with one another. Dave Mercer told the crowd, "We’re going fishing again. A sudden death fish-off. The one who catches the first legal fish (at least 14 inches) wins." To which Mike responded, "My stomach is in knots. I want to throw up."

Iaconelli headed out and fished riprap, catching the first fish, but it was only 12 inches. Combs returned to where he had ended the tournament day, but did not catch a fish. Finally, with 15 minutes left, a judge with Combs verified that he'd landed a 15-inch largemouth to claim his $150,000 in cash and prizes. Iaconelli left the TTBC with second, for the second consecutive year.

Read the Full Sudden Death Recap at Toyota Texas Bass Classic's Website

2011-11-04 14:03:25
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