Iaconelli Finishes 6th At Northern Open on Oneida Lake with Frog

BASS's documentation of Mike Iaconelli's performance at Lake Oneida is thorough in articles on their website.

One photo series discusses the strategies of several top anglers at Oneida, including winner Ish Monroe, 12th place Kurt Dove, 11th place Ron Bane, 9th place Fletcher Shyrock, 8th place Matt Martin, 6th place Mike Iaconelli, 5th place Randy Howell, 4th place Pat Golden, 3rd place John Pelletier.

Oneida Lake strategies

Mike talks about why Oneida was so awesome, and begins to describe building confidence in a new patterns of fishing the Snag Proof Ish’s Phat Frog in this article.

Oneida was Awesome

Mike talks further about his 6th place 44lb.+ finish at Oneida, and Ish Monroe's encouragement to hit the bank for largemouth bass with the Phat Frog (a technique Ish used to win the tournament).

Ike gets new weapon

2011-09-28 14:01:44
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