Iaconelli Makes a Charge on Pickwick Lake at Bassmaster Alabama Charge

Mike started the Bassmaster Alabama charge by catching a ton of fish, all under 2.5lbs., while the numbers of fish caught were high, the total weight wasn't competitive. 68th after the first day, Mike needed a good day just to make the cut before day 3. Continuing to fish the same pattern with DT-series crankbaits and the Berkley Havoc Devil Spear, Mike boated 19lbs. 11oz. on day 2 to send him way up to the middle of the cut, 27th place. Day 3 yielded Mike a matching 19lb. 11oz. bag, landing him in 11th place to fish the final day, where he finished the tournament in 11th, only 10oz. out of the top 10.

All the way up from 68th on day 1. Never Give Up!

2011-04-11 11:35:07
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