Mike Iaconelli Finishes 11th at 2011 Bassmaster Classic

Mike improved his standing from 21st on day 1, to 17th on day 2, to 11th on the final day. With the most time to fish on Sunday, due to minimal fog delays, Mike boated 18lbs. 9oz., the kind of performance that, over three days, could have landed him much nearer the top of the standings.

Fog delays, on top of multi-hour runs to and from Venice, cut fishing days short Friday and Saturday for anglers who chose to fish that area. Mike Iaconelli was one of those anglers.

Mike fished with Berkley's new Havoc bait, Devil Spear. Mike reports that with a couple of extra hours to fish, downsizing his bait and using a 1/4oz. weight, with fish moving up to spawn on Sunday was the formula for his heavier catch on the final day.

2011-02-21 13:45:01
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