Mike 'Ike' Iaconelli and Hatcams Team Up in 2011

Hatcams LLC is excited to announce that they will team up in 2011 with Professional Angler and host of City Limits Fishing on the Versus Network, Mike Iaconelli. Known for his signature scream after catching a fish, Mike Iaconelli embodies the enthusiasm of a young, passionate fisherman. He will be the official face of Hatcams and use the technology to give his fans a unique peek into the life of a professional bass fisherman.

Mike will film behind-the-scenes footage of his travels, tournaments and leisure fishing time, as well as incorporate Hatcams clips into a new web-a-series show and later a full-production TV show called "Going Ike".

This "reality tv" type of interaction with his fans is like nothing any other pro fisherman has done before – and for good reason. Hatcams provides users, like Mike, with a means of filming situations that could never have been filmed before; from a perspective never seen before.

HatcamsTM, a start-up company founded by Randy Peterson, an avid fisherman and hunter himself, has re-invented the idea of hands-free filming with a simple patent-pending universal mount located on the brim of a baseball-style hat.

The mount fits all tripod compatible cameras and pocket camcorders, allowing for budget-friendly, easy, first-person-point-of-view recording that is already revolutionizing filming in the fishing and hunting industries.

Because Hatcams free up hands, more time can be spent fishing instead of focusing or adjusting for that perfect shot. Could fish tales now be a thing of the past? With Hatcams, fishermen (and fisherwomen) of all ages and skill levels can bring back their own real-life incredible stories to share with family and friends.

Says Peterson of their partnership with Iaconelli; "We know what a powerful, positive impact this product is going to make on fishing, and Mike shares these feelings. He is excited to help us deliver this message throughout the fishing community, as only he can."

2010-12-30 14:36:58
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