What do Mike Iaconelli, Kevin Vandam, Edwin Evers, and Kelly Jordan Have in Common?

The answer is that they are all supporting the "Fishin' with a Mission" decal program which helps raise Autism Awareness through out the Bass Fishing and marine community nation wide.

These superstars of their sport (and soon Skeet Reese) have all placed the "Fishin' with a Mission" Autism Awareness decals on their boats to help raise awareness and support kids, families, and their friends who are affected by Autism. These guys have kindly placed these decals on very valuable and prominent placements on their boats and tow vehicles. Most have put them next to their drivers seat and on the side of the boat where the passenger sits as well, they have even placed them on their consoles. This says a lot about these guys, this type of location for a sponsor is worth thousands of dollars to the individual angler and they did this for no compensation, just a good, humble, gesture to help raise Autism Awareness.

The Fishin' with a Mission decal program is designed to help raise Autism Awareness in our fishing community across the country. The goal is to have the BASS Elite Pro's and people from the Bass fishing community across the country affix the decal on their boats and tow rigs and as patches on their tournament shirts. Until recently the decals have only been available to the Pro's but I have now set up a non profit corporation where I have started selling them to the general public.

The decals are a way to promote public awareness of the growing epidemic of Autism in the United States. The decals direct people to www.mylittlebuddysboat.com, which has links to national and regional Autism information, support, and resources. My hope is that these top national bass fishing pro's through their travels will help spread awareness where ever they go but, especially in rural areas where top teaching hospitals, physicians, and schools that specialize in diagnosing, addressing, and supporting children and families affected by Autism are few and far between. All profits from the sale of these decals will go to Autism Awareness and support of children and families affected by Autism. I can envision endemic and non endemic sponsoring/support of this effort can make a real difference in our society.

This program will allow all fishermen, pro's, non pro's even non fishing people to be on the same team and support this worthy cause. From the Pro's perspective it will not matter what their affiliation is in regard to the boat, motor, tackle, truck or any other company they are sponsored by as the decal does not conflict with any group. The focus is showing support and raising awareness around the country for children and families touched by Autism.

Robert has written several articles about my work over the past few years and you can review my portfolio at my website. www.mylittlebuddysboat.com. I would love to do an interview for Bass Fan and most of all I feel that Bass Fan should be aware of these guys commitment to the kids and their families. Especially in times like these when the tournament industry is in such turmoil on where events and the organizations themselves are going the angler has a hard enough time dealing with all these aspects let alone trying to help a cause that isn't adding to their financial bottom line. I am very thankful to all these superstars of the sport but especially to Mike Iaconelli who really deserves a special note of thanks as he was first last year to have the decals on his boat and truck and also decided to auction off his lucky beard in the now famous Thanksgiving Auction on Ebay last year to aide my charity, his leading by example I'm sure has helped influence these other great anglers to also join our team.

I hope Bass Fan would be interested in interviewing me and these pro's involved and running a story about it. I think especially in these times a story like this can help show our community that many of these guys care deeply about things that don't make them a dime and that kids and families still matter in this high pressure money driven sport.


Eli Delany

"Fishin' with a Mission"

2010-06-18 10:08:42
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