Mike Iaconelli Moves Closer to Top 12 for Elite Series Postseason

Battling his way back toward the top 12 in the Angler of the Year points race, Mike Iaconelli finished 17th on Clarks Hill to move up a spot (13th) and 6 points closer to the 12th place spot.

Mike had solid near-12lb. days on one and two, but a smaller 7lb. limit on day 3 kept him out of competition, and additional points in the Angler of the Year race.

The current standings are as follows:

1 Skeet Reese 1642
2 Edwin Evers 1464
3 Derek Remitz 1393
4 Gary Klein 1382
5 Cliff Pace 1381
6 Dave Wolak 1361
7 Brian Snowden 1353
8 Mark Davis 1338
9 Jeff Kriet 1336
10 Dean Rojas 1334
11 John Crews 1333
12 Greg Hackney 1327
13 Michael Iaconelli 1322
14 Terry Butcher 1316

2010-05-24 13:38:34
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