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Sabine River Cancellation Surprise Show - Ike Live #75-1
2X Classic Champion Jordan Lee - Ike Live #75-2
Special Guests Marco and Leah - Ike Live #75-3

The Umbrella Rig

Mike Iaconelli If you’re even half-serious about bass fishing you should learn to fish the umbrella rig. It’s somewhat controversial but in the end it’s a real fish catcher, controversy or not. However, let me give you a warning before we go any further. Some tournaments allow it, some don’t. - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

Jiggin’ Spoons

Mike Iaconelli I’ve been out in San Diego, California, doing some saltwater fishing for my new TV show. We’ve been using jigging spoons, but in two ways besides just letting them fall to the bottom and then jerking them up or snapping them at a predetermined depth. So, for this blog the term - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post

I Fish the Neko Rig

Mike Iaconelli Last week at the 2018 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods I fished the Neko rig. I didn’t finish all that high but I did catch several bass that I wouldn’t have caught any other way. So, I thought it was worth sharing. Neko rig The Neko rig is a - Read Entire Ike Fishing Post