Industrial Bass Fishing

Local places like the Skukill River, the Delaware River in downtown Philadelphia, and the Cooper River in Pennsauken, all harbor an amazing population of fish. Species like bass, perch, catfish, stripers, and panfish thrive in these unusual industrial settings. Both state and federal programs have helped clean up the rivers significantly in the last ten years. Cleaner and clearer water have resulted in better spawns and a higher fish population. The cleaned up water has...Continue Reading 'Industrial Bass Fishing'

2006-12-30 20:26:04

My Deadly Top Five Bass Fishing Lures

One of the questions I'm most often asked is "what lures do I need in my tackle box to catch fish in any situation." Well with the huge array of choices out there today, it's hard to narrow down the choices. But if I had to pick just five for South Jersey waters here they are: 1. Worm - Probably the most versatile bait ever produced. Plastic worms can be rigged in many different ways. They...Continue Reading 'My Deadly Top Five Bass Fishing Lures'

2006-11-27 17:48:25

Bass and the Dragonfly Pattern

I learned about this pattern many years ago while fishing in the many shallow, weedy, cedar water lakes I grew up fishing. It's hard to imagine, but in South Jersey, a good portion of the diet of a growing bass in the summertime are dragon flys. I've also seen this pattern develop in many other parts of the country, including many northern glacial lakes and the shallow weedy waters in Florida. When I first saw...Continue Reading 'Bass and the Dragonfly Pattern'

2006-05-13 14:39:25

Bass Tournament Preparation

The best way for me to coach myself for an important tournament is to prepare myself for a tournament. Preparation has always been one of my strong points. By using a two-step preparation method I have developed, I enter new bodies of water and tournaments with extreme confidence. My two-step preparation method is as follows: At Home Research + On The Water Fine Tuning = Sweet Spots I. The first part to this method is what I...Continue Reading 'Bass Tournament Preparation'

2006-04-07 16:50:40

Pork Fishing Tips

1. Double Your Chances To create a unique jig that the fish have never seen, add two pieces of pork to your favorite jig instead of one. Add two pieces of Uncle Josh Pork (#11), in opposite directions, the first fat side up and the second fat side down. This will add more bulk to your jig. It will create a different vibration and flapping motion. It will also dramatically decrease the rate of fall. 2. Drop...Continue Reading 'Pork Fishing Tips'

2006-02-04 12:38:54
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