Pork Fishing Tips

1. Double Your Chances

To create a unique jig that the fish have never seen, add two pieces of pork to your favorite jig instead of one. Add two pieces of Uncle Josh Pork (#11), in opposite directions, the first fat side up and the second fat side down. This will add more bulk to your jig. It will create a different vibration and flapping motion. It will also dramatically decrease the rate of fall.

2. Drop Shot Pork

An awesome bait to use on the new drop shotting technique that is sweeping the nation is a piece of pork. A piece of Uncle Josh 101 Spinning Frog is the perfect compliment to this technique. The pork creates a unique tail shaking action that is desired in drop shotting. Pork also has a more natural texture and feel than that of plastic baits. Use an ultra sharp #1 or 1/0 hook about 12 inches above a 1/4 oz. bell sinker. Rig the pork fat side down, shake, and hold on!

3. Different Pork For Different Situations

Choose your pork like you would choose any other lure in your box. Always select it for its function and purpose. When the fish are less aggressive or holding on the bottom, choose a normal action piece of pork, like the Uncle Josh Original #11 or 101 Spinning Frog. When the fish are very aggressive or are hitting the jig as it is swimming, use a high action piece of pork, like an Uncle Josh Kicker Frog or Craw Frog that have swim legs. When the fish are hitting on the fall or prefer a bigger profile bait, use a piece of Uncle Josh Jumbo or Big Daddy Frog. Remember let the fish tell you what kind of pork to throw!

4. Custom Pork Tricks

Here are some custom pork tips to help your jig fishing. First to give your Uncle Josh pork a more unique vibration and sound, try using a small hole punch to put several holes in the legs of your pork rind. Second to give your pork a unique waving action, split the legs right down the middle all the way up to the fat of the body. Finally, use a piece of broken rubber worm (about an inch) to act as a spacer on the shank of the hook. This will give you a better hook up percentage, plus it serves as a place to insert a glass rattle.

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