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Got together with "E" aka Eric "The Intern" and Uncle Larry Outdoors to fish some NJ Streams that I haven't fished in 20 YEARS!! I kept it old school with the cheat rig lol #GhettoFishing A good old-fashioned Jersey nightcrawler on a split shot rig!!! Trout simply can't resist a good worm!!

Being able to do this with my good friends from Uncle Larry Outdoors was an incredible experience! AND The Fishing was AWESOME! Rainbow trout after Rainbow trout and a few missed bites from Monster Brown Trout made me realize how lucky we are to experience a secret and hidden fishery that's right out in the open!!!

Some of the best holes can be waters that are ignored! You never know what you might find!! If you liked today's video and this collabo with @Uncle Larry Outdoors then SMASH that Subscribe button below.

Ike's Gear used:
Nines Eyewear
Aftco Anhydrous 2.0 Waterproof Jacket
Aftco Anhydrous 2.0 Waterproof Bib
Aftco Big Guy Hydronaut Waterproof Jacket
Aftco Big Guy Hydronaut Waterproof Bib
Aftco Hydronaut Insulated Waterproof Jacket
Aftco Hydronaut Insulated Bib
Aftco Hydronaut Waterproof Jacket
Aftco Hydronaut Waterproof Bib
Aftco Reaper Softshell Hoodie
Aftco Solago Sun Gloves

Video Co-Anglers: Going Ike Raw, Nines Eyewear, AFTCO, New Jersey Streams, Eric "The Intern", Uncle Larry Outdoors

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