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Folks at Home!! In today’s episode of Going Ike Raw I found myself in between tournaments down in sunny Florida and was able to link up with the incredible minds at Salt Strong! Salt Strong is the first and only fishing club that guarantees you’ll catch more saltwater fish every trip! After battling a bit of food poisoning the morning of our trip I pushed through and was able to put together a fishing day that will forever be replayed in my head. Just an absolutely awesome day with awesome guys catching some fish. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Check out the guys from Salt Strong here

Ike's Gear used:
Flambeau Ike Ritual 50 Backpack
Flambeau Ike Quotient Tackle Storage
Abu Garcia REVO IKE Spinning Reel
Abu Garcia Ike Finesse Spinning Rod
VMC Ike Approved Wide Gap Hook
Berkley Jerk Shad
Gerber Magniplier
Nines Eyewear

Video Co-Anglers: Salt Strong, Going Ike, Flambeau, Abu Garcia, VMC, Berkley, Gerber, Nines Eyewear

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