How To Tie a Non Leadered Punch-Shot! (AKA THE JIKA RIG) Bass Fishing Video

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Folks at Home!! Have you ever heard of the Jika Rig? Well, in today's shop we are going to go over how to tie a Non leadered Punch- Shot AKA The JIKA Rig! The components are easy to find and putting this rig together couldn't be easier! This rig shines when you want to keep your bait right at or just off the bottom. The rig allows for fluidity and a natural presentation that simply can't be beat! Give this Rig a shot You will Not be disappointed!

VMC Ringed Wide Gap Hook
VMC Black Stainless Steel Open Eye Rolling Swivel
VMC Drop Shot Weight

Video Co-Anglers: Ike in the Shop, VMC

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