Lowrance ACTIVE TARGET is INSANE!! Bass Fishing Video

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Lowrance Active Target is changing the game of bass fishing. The Ability to see the fish, see how they react to a bait, and see how they school up around structure and cover is absolutely INCREDIBLE! LIVE IMAGING is a powerful tool when bass fishing! Come join me as I hit the water armed with a Molix Trago Vib Blade Bait, and my Lowrance Active Target technology! If you enjoyed this installment of Ike in The Shop, then take a second below and subscribe to My Channel. I have these videos coming out EVERY WEEK!

Lowrance ActiveTarget Sonar
Lowrance ActiveTarget Transducer
Lowrance ActiveTarget Black Box
Molix Trago Vib Blade Bait

Video Co-Anglers: Ike in the Shop, Lowrance, Active Target, Molix, Abu Garcia, Berkley

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