Steelhead Fishing in the Snow! (Pt. 1) Bass Fishing Video

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Folks at home! In this episode of Going Ike, Mike and good friend Charles head to the infamous Douglaston Run on the Salmon River, and meet up with legendary guide Adrian LaSorte! The plan was to do a float trip for some Steelhead and there is nothing more beautiful than a well-executed plan! Even though we were fishing through some extreme snowy weather, we put together a day of fishing that could only be dreamed of! If you love extreme fishing in the snow, steelhead, and fishing, then this episode is right up your alley! Good friends, good fishing, SNOWY weather! That all adds up to EPIC FISHING!! Come on, Let’s Watch!

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Video Co-Anglers: Going Ike Raw, AFTCO, PowerCap 2.0 Panther Vision

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