ALWAYS Fish a Football Jig (Winter Jig Fishing for Bass) [2023 Fishing Videos] Bass Fishing Video

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A football jig catches better class of fish, it's great for slow reeling and is designed to come through rocks & gravel. You have to have this lure in your box. Nothing works better than a football jig. There are several types of jigs: swimming, finesse, flipping...but the shape of the football jig is great for fishing on the bottom without getting hung up. You can fish a football jig all year, but it's great for fishing deep and on ledges in winter & summer. Yes, you can fish this lure in January, so get your 2023 fishing season started on the right foot with this bass fishing video.

Are you ready to target bigger fish? Few baits are credited more often than the jig when it comes to putting big bass in the boats of anglers across the country. Mike Iaconelli – the 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion – has made a lot of money throughout his career from fishing a variety of different jigs. While traditional flipping jigs are great for pitching around docks and other shallow cover – and swim jigs shine during the shad spawn – football jigs excel in deeper water and offshore structure. In this seminar, Iaconelli shares his favorite jig fishing tips, which includes his three favorite methods of fishing a football jig to target offshore bass. Iaconelli also goes into detail on how to pick the best jig trailer depending on the time of year and when to throw a football jig.

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