VMC Ike Approved Neko Hooks - iCast 2017 Bass Fishing Video

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Bass fishing tournament professional Mike Iaconelli is at the VMC booth at iCast 2017 talking about the new Ike Approved Neko Rig Hooks. the original is in stock, and the new weedless and spinshot versions are expected to be in stock July 26th, 2017 at Tackle Warehouse. What makes the Weedless Neko Hook so special? Iaconelli says, "We use a 50lb. fiber guard, and it's the perfect guard to keep it weedless, yet, when that fish bites, it's going to penetrate". Mike also talks about the tools you'll need for trouble-free Neko rigging, including the VMC Wacky Rig Tool.

Video Co-Anglers: VMC, iCast 2017, Neko Rig, Tackle Warehouse, Iaconelli, Ike

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