JT Kenney FLW Lake Toho Bass Tournament Win with Iaconelli Bass Fishing Video

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FLW Outdoors Tour pro JT Kenney talks with Mike Iaconelli about changing full moon spawn conditions at the Lake Toho/Kissimmee FLW Tour Tournament Event on Ike Live, a semi-regular bass fishing talkshow hosted by Mike Iaconelli. Where did the bass go, and how did Kenney catch them when the cold front moved in during the spawn? Kenney caught two giant bags of tournament limits before the front moved in. How did he adjust and go on to win the 4 day tournament? Check it out. Watch the entire episode

JT Kenney Photo by Garrick Dixon and FLW Outdoors

Video Co-Anglers: JT Kenney, FLW Outdoors, Garrick Dixon

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