Picking Chatterbait Trailers! (WHEN & WHY!) Bass Fishing Video

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Hey everybody, it's Mike Iaconelli back in the shop with another must-watch topic! Today, we're diving deep into the world of ChatterBaits and uncovering the secrets to selecting the perfect trailer. Join me as I break down the art of trailer selection into two categories: non-action and action trailers. Discover how to enhance your ChatterBait's performance in any scenario, whether you're fishing clear waters, stained waters, or targeting different forage species. Get ready to revolutionize your vibrating jig game and reel in more fish than ever before.

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Berkley Powerbait Jerk Shad
Berkley Powerbait Power Stinger
Berkley Powerbait Shape 108 Craw

Video Co-Anglers: Ike in the Shop, Berkley

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