Iaconelli Carolina Rig Fishing 3 Tips Tutorial Bass Fishing Video

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This video is for people who want to catch bass on the carolina rig. The carolina rig is a plastic bait fishing technique where a heavy weight is placed a foot or more ahead of the artificial plastic bait. The line between the weight and the hook is called the leader, and this line is usually a lighter test strength than the main line (going from your reel to the weight).

  1. The carolina rig weight
    • Carolina rig is about catching fish, but also about discovering the cover and structure of the body of water
    • The weight should be heavy enough to maintain contact with the bottom (Mike uses 1/2 - 1oz. VMC tungsten weights
  2. Length of the carolina rig leader
    • long leaders when cover, like grass, is high off the bottom
    • Short leaders for situations like pea gravel when the bait doesn't need to be far off the bottom
    • As a rule, the more active the fish, the longer the leader
  3. Carolina rig rod selection

    1. Video Co-Anglers: Bass Resource, Iaconelli, Berkley, VMC

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