Ike's SECRET Rapala Crankbait Colors! Bass Fishing Video

Mike talks about his "Ike's Custom Ink" DT Series line of crankbaits from Rapala. Use Mike's guide below for color selection:

  • Ike's Bruised - For stained/dirty water, fishing at night/evening/morning or where crabs or crawfish are present
  • Ike's Mule - A great muted crawfish pattern imitation color for when fish are eating crawfish
  • Ike's Rasta - Stained/dirty water when there are shad present, shad are the natural forage, or you want to imitate dying forage
  • Ike's Girlfriend - Super clear and super dirty. Burn it in super clear for smallmouth and spotted bass

Video Co-Anglers: Iaconelli, Going Ike, Rapala, DT Series Crankbaits, Tackle Warehouse