The BEST Multi-species LURE of ALL TIME (Beginner's Guide to Good Fishing) Bass Fishing Video

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If you are new to fishing or just getting back into the sport after a long hiatus, then you are going to love this series! The Beginner's Guide to Good Fishing breaks down rod selection, bait selection, how to pack your bag and more! If you are new to the sport Don't Fret! I got you covered!
On today's episodes we are talking about the BEST Multi-species Lure of All Time! This Bait catches them Freshwater, Saltwater, Bass, Flounder, Pike, Perch etc. This BAIT literally catches them all! Tune in and if you know a buddy that's having a hard time fishing or just getting into it, send them our way for a crash course!! Come on, Let's Learn!

Tune in Once a Month for a Monthly installment of Ike's Beginner's Guide to Good Fishing!

Berkley Power Swimmer
Berkley Ripple Shad
VMC Half Moon

Video Co-Anglers: Ike in the Shop, Berkley, VMC

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