Going Ike Season 4 Episode 8 - Mississippi River Smallmouth Bass Fishing Video

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Warm water discharges are one of the most unique opportunities in fishing, especially when it's the middle of winter in Minnesota! Dan and I had an absolute blast caching these Mississippi River smallies even if the quality wasn't there at the start. Besides, we've still got another episode to find the quality. Will we get it done? Only way to find out is by tuning in next week at the same time for the next one! Also remember you can purchase most of the gear you see me using on "Going Ike" (or anywhere else on this channel) on Tackle Warehouse:

Abu Garcia Ike Power Series Casting Rods
Abu Garcia Revo Ike Casting Reels
Abu Garcia Ike Finesse Series Spinning Rods
Abu Garcia Revo Ike Spinning Reels
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Video Co-Anglers: Dan Quinn, Minnesota, Mississippi River, Going Ike

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