The BIGGEST Announcement of 2021!!! Bass Fishing Video

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Folks at home! I have kept the lid on this one for awhile but it is official! Starting August 30th @9pm EDT our brand new show, "My World" will be premiering the CBS Sports Network!! We put together this preview so you could get a taste of the show!! I hope you enjoy!! Your Monday nights with me are about to get EXCITING! Come on, Let's Watch!

My World CBS Sports Schedule

  • Monday, August 30th @ 9PM
  • Monday, September 6th @ 9PM
  • Monday, September 13th @ 8:30PM
  • Monday, September 20th @ 8:30 PM
  • Monday, September 27th @ 8:30PM
  • Monday, October 4th @ 8:30PM

Video Co-Anglers: My World Television Show, CBS Sports

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