New Technique to Catch More Bass! Bass Fishing Video

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Summertime Bass fishing can be really tough but with this new technique you will up your fish catch! HOVER STROLLING allows you to present a bait in a very natural way! It's all about matching the hatch! Trust me you need to throw this technique in your bag of tricks when the fishing gets tough in the dead of summer! Come on, let's watch!

Abu Garcia REVO IKE Spinning Reel
Abu Garcia IKE Finesse Series Spinning Rods
Berkley Trilene Sensation
Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Flatnose Minnow
Berkley Powerbait Minnow
Nines Eyewear

Video Co-Anglers: Ike in the Shop, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Nines Eyewear

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