New RipStop Finesse Jerkbait from Rapala - iCast 2017 Bass Fishing Video

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Rapala pro Mike "Ike" Iaconelli is at iCast 2017 talking about the new Rapala RipStop Finesse Jerkbait. What makes this small jerkbait so special? Iaconelli says, "The RipStop has a hard slashing...action...The magic in the RipStop comes in that tabbed tail, it's almost like a reverse lip on the tail of the bait. What that does, as you twitch it and jerk it, then you pause, that tabbed tail stops the bait on a dime, and it actually shimmies". Check out this finesse jerkbait, expected to be available July 24th, 2017 at Tackle Warehouse.

Video Co-Anglers: Rapala, RipStop, Tackle Warehouse, iCast 2017, Iaconelli, Ike

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