Master the Challenge of HIGH WATER Fishing! (MUST KNOW!) Bass Fishing Video

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Hey everyone, Mike Iaconelli here, back in the shop with a highly requested topic! Today's episode is all about tackling the tricky conditions of high water fishing. Whether you're dealing with rising or falling water levels, these tips will help you locate and catch bass even when the waters get murky and unpredictable. Tune in to discover my go-to strategies, from targeting hard edges to selecting the right baits, and transform those challenging fishing days into successful outings! Don't miss this essential guide to fishing high water like a pro!

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Missile Jigs
Berkley Chigger Craw
Berkley Creature Hog
Berkley Pit Boss
Molix Frogs
Molix Buzzbaits
Berkley SquareBull
Molix Spinnerbait

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