Top 3 Baits for Giant Fall Bass! Bass Fishing Video

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Folks at Home!! It’s FALL! and it’s all about MATCHING THE HATCH! Today I am going over my Top 3 Baits for GIANT FALL BASS! It is so important to mimic forage during the fall feed. Some of the largest bass I have ever caught have come during the fall season. If you want to catch some GIANT bass this fall throw some of these tips into your tackle box and get after it! Thanks for watching and please be sure to Like, Comment, and Subscribe. Happy Fishing!

Ike's Gear used:
Rapala Skitter V Walking Bait
Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Swimbait
VMC Ike Approved Swimbait Jig Heads
Molix Venator Double Willow Spinnerbait

Video Co-Anglers: Ike in the Shop, Rapala, Berkley, VMC, Molix

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