Season 5: Going IKE Lake Ouachita! GIANT Trout! Bass Fishing Video

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On today’s episode of Going Ike, I find myself at Lake Ouachita in Arkansas with Morgan from Hobie! We dunk the Kayaks and go after ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that BITES! Kayak fishing has changed the fishing world because it puts the angler at the level of the fish and allows access to tight and shallow areas! Sporting some new Hob ie 360 Mirage kayaks we grab our gear and head out on a Kayak Adventure!

Abu Garcia Revo Ike Casting Reel
Abu Garcia Revo Ike Spinning Reel
Abu Garcia IKE Finesse Series Spinning Rods
Abu Garcia IKE Delay Series Casting Rods
Flambeau Ike Ritual 50 Backpack
Flambeau Ike Quotient 140

Video Co-Anglers: Going Ike, Hobie, Morgan, Ouachita, Abu Garcia, Flambeau

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