Top 4 Must-Have Bass Baits for July!!! Bass Fishing Video

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Hey everybody, Mike Iaconelli back out here in the shop with another one for you today! In this video, we're diving into my top four baits for the month of July. Whether you're fishing in the North or the South, I've got the perfect baits for you to use in this hot summertime weather. For Northern anglers, I recommend the Drop Shot, perfect for finesse fishing in deeper waters, and the Compact Jig, great for fishing thick cover like docks and rocks.

For Southern anglers, a Big Worm is ideal for those deep summer waters, and a Deep Diving Crankbait will help you reach those fish hiding in the depths. No matter where you are, these baits will help you land more bass during the hottest month of the year. Remember, my rule for summertime bass fishing: deeper, thicker, and current! Make sure to like, subscribe, and hit the bell so you never miss a video! Let's catch some bass!

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Berkley Powerworm
Berkley Crankbaits
Missile Jigs
Berkley Flatworm

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