Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Tips With Mike Iaconelli Bass Fishing Video

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B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler, Mike Iaconelli, shares tips for fishing Toledo Bend Reservoir in the fall with a focus on finding flats, grass edges and "matching the hatch" to catch bass as they feed heavily heading into the winter months. Check out Toledo Bend on Fishidy.

Mike is fishing a Molix Venator Double Willow Spinnerbait in Ike's Purple Sinsay color. Look for the foriage to find bass! Bass feed up in the fall before it gets really cold.

Ike shows you a neat trick for keeping your knot on the top of the eye on a topwater, so the bait walks correctly.

Video Co-Anglers: Fishidy Online Contour Lake Maps, Toledo Bend, Molix Spinnerbaits

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