Kevin Short 2015 Classic, MLF & Square Bill Crankbait Pro Tips - Ike Live Bass Fishing Video

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After missing an event because a tornado destroyed his and his father's house, Kevin Short "K-Pink" came back to qualify for the 2015 Bassmaster Classic, ensuring there would be at least one Kevin in the Classic. In this clip from Ike Live, Kevin talks about determination and remembering that stuff can be replaced, people are what's important. Kevin also talks about the intensity of Major League Fishing's tournament format and the excitement of the show. Lastly, Kevin talks about what makes him a good square bill crankbait angler. How do I make fish bite this bait today?

Never give up.

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Video Co-Anglers: Kevin Short, Joe Balog, Mike Iaconelli, Ike Live, 2015 Bassmaster Classic

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