Iaconelli Dropshot Fishing in 3 Steps Tutorial Video Bass Fishing Video

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This video is for people who want to know how to catch bass on a dropshot rig. The dropshot rig is usually fished on light line, but is somewhat unique in that the bait (usually a small artificial plastic bait) is fished above the weight (usually a small ball weight or pencil/cylinder weight).

  1. Neutral action - don't move the bait, the bait will move, naturally
    • All bodies of water have some current that will move the bait
    • No one is completely still, even without intentionally moving, you will move the bait
  2. Sweep Hookset
    • Don't set the hook like Denny Brauer jerking a fish out of heavy cover
    • Sweep your rod to the side and step back
    • You're using small hooks, like VMC Spinshot Dropshot Hooks, you don't need the strong hookset like with a heavy gauge hook
  3. Use your electronics in deeper water
    • Turn up your sensitivity on your depth finder
    • Increase your ping speed

Video Co-Anglers: Mike Iaconelli, Bass Resource on Youtube

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