Reduce Line Twists on Spinning Reel Pro Tips Bass Fishing Video

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How to put line on a spinning reel to reduce line twists. Are you aggravated by spinning reel line twists constantly knotting up around your rod tip, reel parts, or balling up when you cast? Birds nests or knotting can be a real nuisance when fishing spinning reels, but getting off to a good start with proper technique of putting the line on the reel can reduce these frustrations considerably. Remember, when putting line on a spinning reel:
1. Line should come off the line packaging counter-clockwise, because it goes on the reel clockwise
2. Use silicone spray on a cloth to guide the line onto the spinning reel
3. Don't overfill the spool, leave about 1/8in, overfilled spools are more likely to coil off and knot up.

Video Co-Anglers: Mike Iaconelli, Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon, Abu Garcia Spinning Reels

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