Berkley Powerbait Power Switch with Mike Iaconelli Bass Fishing Video

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Purpose-built for use with forward-facing sonar, the Berkley Powerbait Power Switch hovers enticingly in the strike zone to give anglers the control to ‘switch’ or react to the fish and structure by providing the ultimate angler control. When a fish is located using live sonar the clock begins ticking, and you need to present your bait quickly to take advantage of the moment. The Berkely Power Switch features an innovative weight-forward design that allows for precision casts, fast drop-ins, and a variety of actions to draw strikes from the most finicky fish.

A lure that should always be tied up and ready on the deck of the boat, the Power Switch allows you to control the rate of fall using a hover technique by rhythmically popping the rod tip to generate random darting action and pausing on the fall. Alternatively, this highly versatile lure also excels with snapping, vertical jigging, Damiki rigging, dock shooting, straight retrieves, yo-yo-ing, twitching, and bottom bouncing, and anglers can experiment with varying the technique or action on the retrieve.

Featuring a natural baitfish profile and 3D eyes that appeal to a wide range of species, the Berkley Power Switch can be effectively used for a variety of applications and comes pre-rigged with a high-quality razor-sharp Berkley Fusion19 hook. Packed with PowerBait flavor to ensure you have the chance to set the hook on every bite, the Berkley Powerbait Power Switch is available in a range of sizes to accommodate all freshwater game species with standard, HD Tru, and holographic ‘wizard’ colors!

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