Unleash the ULTIMATE Crawfish Fury!!! (Different than Every Other Crawfish Bait!) Bass Fishing Video

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Hey folks, Mike Iaconelli here, and I'm stoked to share the game-changing "Ultimate Crawfish Rig" with you. This rig has been my secret weapon, especially when bass are dialed into crawfish. Starting with a hog-style bait, like the Berkeley PowerBait 4-inch Power Hog, and rigging it Nico-style or weighted wacky style, we're creating a lure that not only imitates the look but mirrors the precise posture and movement of a crawfish.

Breaking down the traditional mold, we strategically place the weight in the back, kick up debris, and emulate the backward movement of a crawfish. With the hook facing backward, the bait hits the bottom, kicks up a puff of smoke, and becomes the ultimate crawfish imitator. Add a touch of color to the pincers, and you've got a bait that's not just different – it's a whole new level of crawfish imitation that has proven to outperform traditional lures. Tie on the Ultimate Crawfish Rig, and get ready for a fishing experience like never before.

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